Stack Play

This stack play has some very easy to understand rules. The look of the play changes when used in different parts of the court but the play never really changes. It can be used under the basket, on the sidelines, and yes, even as a press breaker.

Very simple out of bounds play that is..

A. Very easy for players to understand.
B. Useful in all areas of the courts
C. Effective.

Basketball Coaching 101 image.

The way it works.

First player in the stack always flashes out to the short side of the floor.

2nd player flashes out to the long side of the court.

3rd player in the stack stays.

4th player takes a couple steps backwards or moves away form the ball.

In this example, notice the ball is being taken out on the right, #1 flashes to short side, which is the right.

Basketball Coaching 101 image.

Exact same play, but this time #1 flashes to the short side again, but is going left.

In other words, play is the same, but player movement is different.

Basketball Coaching 101 image.

This time, out of bounds on the sideline, different players but same rules. 1st player in the stack goes to the short side of the court. 2 player goes long, third stays, fourth goes away.

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