Basketball Coaching Defense

Coaching Man to Man Defense

Coaching Basketball.

It All Starts with a Proper Defensive Stance

-Feet a Little More Than Shoulder Width Apart.
-Knees bent in a balanced stance.
-Butt is down. Back Strait.
-Hands wide out and active.
-Slide in the direction of your opponent. Do not cross step.
-Watch opponents waist.

Man to Man Basic Concept

Coaching Basketball.
Coaching Basketball.
Coaching Basketball.
Coaching Basketball.
Coaching Basketball.

"Closing Out" Deserves a Practice or Two.

- Fly with the ball. Move as the ball is being passed. Do not wait until the opponent catches the ball.
- Communication. Defender should call “ball”.
- All out sprint. As defender get closer, shorted steps.
- Hands wide out and active.
- Hands wide out or up. Active.

The Pack Line Defense

May be perfect for your younger team. It uses the Man to Man concept but instead of using "deny" and "help defense", only the "help defense" is used. With one exception. Which we will get into in a bit.

Older teams may use it also. It was created and used in the college level with alot of success.

Better defense which makes it difficult for the other team to dribble drive.Not the ideal defense if the other team is very good at shooting

Coaching Basketball.
- One player "On Ball", all others are playing "Help Defense".

- Player playing "On Ball" can play real aggressive because they have help.

- On Pass, player needs to closeout HARD.

- Player playing "Help Defense" should have both feet inside the imagainary pack line.

- If player picks up thier dribble, thus loosing thier ablitly to dribble drive, then players playing "Help" can play "Deny".

Playing great basketball defense takes a great attitude. As coaches, we can help develop that hard working attitude.

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